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Sue Johanson Head Honcho for Men's Masturbation

Sue Johanson Head Honcho

When it comes to men and masturbating, toys are rarely thought of. That's a shame, because toys can very much enhance the climax during masturbation and also with the company of others. Not all men's toys are blow up dolls and realistic vaginas that can seem out of place in the bedroom, but there are also smaller toys that would be equivalent to a woman and a vibrator. These are sometimes referred to as sleeves, but the common term is masturbator. The Sue Johanson Head Honcho is one of the many products that a man can use to pleasure himself in a way that his hand just couldn't.

The benefits of using a masturbator has a lot to do with the extras they come with. This one has strong suction and is tight around any penis while still being stretchy enough to be pleasurable. It's made of a silicon material which gives it a great feel and is completely waterproof. That means not only can it be used anywhere that a man wants to get off but is also easy to clean. The Sue Johanson Head Honcho also simulates real sex because the more a person strokes, a vacuum is created to make the sucking sensation and it also warms up the inside where the penis is just like a real mouth or pussy.

The closed end of this masturbator has both its pros and cons. On the one hand, the closed end help to create the vacuum and also keeps the masturbating clean from start to finish. On the other hand can be limiting for long men and can easily damage when people get rough with it.

Bringing this sleeve into the bedroom can also be great for couples who are looking to spice things up a bit. Some girls enjoy pleasing their man and will use the toy on their lover, which only enhances the sensations and the arousal. The material also means it’s easy to get a good grip on it. It is really easy to work because all one has to do to feel the suction is stroke the Sue Johanson Head Honcho up and down the penis.

There are a few downsides to this particular toy however. Men who have a very wide cock may have trouble sliding into this masturbator. The Head Honcho’s total width is about 2 inches in the portion where the penis actual goes into. It does have some stretching but probably wouldn't work well for a man with 3 inches of girth or more. The length can also be limiting although it is certainly enough for the average sized man. A lot of lube should always be used with this product because otherwise it will be painful. The suction cups only work while lubricated.

The Sue Johanson Head Honcho is also prone to some damage if not treated and cleaned properly. The thick silicone material can actual crack and eventually break if treated wrong. Turning it inside out as the product recommends is actually likely to hasten the damage unless done very carefully. The angle of the masturbator can be unpleasant for some people since it is 90 degrees as opposed to the slightly tilted natural angle of the penis. Also improper use can cause pain to the penis.

Some people have found ways to experience the Sue Johanson Head Honcho that differ from the original intention. After the toy is carefully turned inside out, the bumps that were on the outside have a different kind of pleasurable experience for men. For those men who enjoy some of Cal Exotics other masturbating sex toys then they may appreciate this one too – especially designed by Sue Johanson.