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CyberSkin Dildos and Vibrators

CyberSkin material makes sex toys realistic. It was developed by adult sex toy manufaturer Topco Sales. CyberSkin is revolutionary and it feels just like real skins. SpiceToy.com carries a wide selection of CyberSkin sex toys such as dildos, dongs, and vibrators to satisfy all your sex toy needs. Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Enhance your orgasm and fulfill your sexual fantasy with our collection of non-vibrating CyberSkin and vibrating Cyberskin sex toys. Spice up your sex life with the supersoft and ultra realistic CyberSkin sex toy from SpiceToy.com. It feel so real that you won't believe it!

 Products (Total Items: 18)

Cyberskin European Cock With Balls, Natural
Debonair, medium girth, 7 solid cock is hand crafted in CyberSkin for full penis and testicle detail. Virtual Touch texture provides a truly life-like feel. Built-in suction cup base is harness compatible.
$36.80   Buy
Black Label, Vibrating Cyberskin Radical Cock
This big, waterproof cock was made for extreme sex! It features authentic CyberSkin construction, and deep-penetrating, multi-speed vibrations. Enjoy the smooth life-like texture, and feel the power of the Radical Cock. The clever wrist-strap will keep you from losing your grip in the heat of passion!
$55.00   Buy
Black Label, Cyberskin Extreme Cock
Experience the Penthouse Black Label difference with the CyberSkin Extreme Cock. This cock is made of CyberSkin with the Virtual Touch Real Skin Feel. This feature offers a soft texture for smooth satisfying sensations. The CyberSkin Extreme Cock is a firm, fully erect cock for maximum penetration and performance.
$47.00   Buy
Black Label, Cyberskin Gonzo Cock
This huge, highly detailed cock is rendered in amazingly realistic CyberSkin, and is handcrafted for an authentic look and feel. This smooth, generous dong penetrates and performs for the ultimate in pleasure and satisfaction. With its built-in suction-cup base, the user can go wild!
$47.00   Buy
Black Label, Cyberskin Majestic Bendable Double Cock
Realistic CyberSkin + Firm Flexibility = Extreme Pleasure for One or Two. This soft-textured double-penetrator can bend to hold any position. The perfect way to explore forbidden fantasies! This CyberSkin double cock measures a full 18 long x 2 wide x 6 around. It's bendable to hold in any desired position.
$47.00   Buy
PowerLock 7" CyberSkin Slimline Cock, Natural
Due to popular demand, we have created a PowerLock System compatible attachment in our world famous CyberSkin material. Perfect for a smooth, realistic ride.
$24.70   Buy
CyberSkin CyberReality Vibrating Cock
A realistic CyberSkin experience with the added thrill of powerful, multi-speed vibrations. The Cyberskin vibrating cock feels like a realistic cock.
$23.50   Buy
Cyber Flicker, Power Mini Massager - Delicate Violet
This high-powered mini massager is made with sensuous CyberSkin for soft-touch arousal and offers multi-speed vibrations. Sensual flicker tickles your erogenous zones for maximum pleasure in a convenient package.
$10.80   Buy
Cyberskin Vibrating Cyber Cock
Feels like a real penis! The Cyber Cock utilizes 21st century technology to rocket you into ectasy! Vibrating egg for added pleasurable sensations. Dual density ball sacks to complete the realism, and tickle the perineum!
$44.00   Buy
CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Ass, Natural CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Ass, Natural
The Perfect Ass is the largest toy of its kind on the market, weighing just over 18 lbs. Full, round, and made out of safe, phthalate-free CyberSkin, the Perfect Ass is made in the USA.
$235.00   Buy
Cyberskin Dream Dick, Natural
Hefty, 8 handcrafted CyberSkin cock with large, squeezable balls. Realistic Virtual Touch texture is soft on the outside, and solid on the inside just like an actual, erect cock. Built-in suction cup base is harness compatible.
$44.00   Buy
CyberSkin Creamsicle, Powder Purple
Delicious pastel colors and ice cream design make a cool image devilishly hot. Exterior made with CyberSkin.
$16.50   Buy
Carmen Luvana's Missionary Style CyberSkin Vibrating Pussy & Ass Carmen Luvana's Missionary Style CyberSkin Vibrating Pussy & Ass
CyberSkin with Dual Density makes Carmen Luvana supple lips and puckered ass soft as silk, while her inner walls hold the penis with a tight, seductive grip
$108.00   Buy
Lex Steele CyberSkin Interracial Dual Dong
Lex Steele CyberSkin Interracial Dual Dong is a double-sided dong is interracial action at its best. The CyberSkin shell makes it feel like Steele's real appendage. 19" of genuine CyberSkin with EZ Bend for high flexibility.
$32.00   Buy
CyberSkin Cyber Cock With Balls and Virtual Touch Vibrating Biggie, Natural
The natural looking CyberSkin CyberCock with Balls and Virtual Touch Vibrating Biggie feels like a real penis! CyberSkin material closely mimics "The Soft Feel of Real Human Skin." Virtual Touch texture provides the ultimate sensual experience with a touch so close to life, you may forget it's a toy. Dual Density combines the feel of soft skin with an erect shaft complete with balls.
$50.00   Buy
CyberSkin Cock Booster
The CyberSkin Cock Booster is bigger, better, and beyond belief. Great for men who wants to impress. Realistic Virtual Touch CyberSkin sleeve gives 2" ( 5 cm) of extra lengt
$19.20   Buy
X-Rated CyberSkin Mini Pussy Stroker
Incredibly soft-n-spongy masturbation sleeve with a multi-speed vibrating egg. The X-Rated CyberSkin Mini Pussy Stroker stimulating textured sleeve bends and stretches for the perfect fit.
$11.00   Buy
Magnetic Attraction Cyberskin Cock
Inner magnet increases circulation to the genital area, for a powerful orgasm. Magnetic Cyberskin cock is supersoft, with a rigid core for firm penetration. Magnets have been shown to increase circulation to the genital area, thereby allowing for greater stimulation and a more powerful orgasm. Life-like detail lets you enjoy a more realistic experience.
$25.00   Buy



What is CyberSkin?

CyberSkin is the original revolutionary material developed by Topco Sales and genuine CyberSkin products are manufactured exclusively by Topco Sales. It feels just like real human skin so real, that you can't tell the difference!

CyberSkin is unquestionably the most realistic material on the market. Quickly warming to body temperature and mimicking the elasticity and softness of human flesh, CyberSkin has the amazing look and feel of real skin. This material in its many shapes and forms is a stunning replication of the human composition.

Flexible, spring-like bonds promoting a unique skin-like texture, memory recovery, resiliency and flexibility. In the physical make-up of CyberSkin, the atoms bond with high resiliency. This means that the atomic memory of CyberSkin allows the product to be malleable, like real flesh, as well as instantly recover to its original shape. Because it is created to retain its shape, the CyberSkin product can last a lifetime with reasonable care and maintenance, always delivering high performance and realistic feel.

Also, with the added revolutionary molding process of Dual Density, CyberSkin products can simulate the softness of skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue and/or bone. In manufacturing, the molding machines use computerized injection that enables varying densities of CyberSkin to be strategically placed throughout the product. This means that in a product shaped like a vagina, you can actually feel the softness of vaginal lips and the hardness of pubic bone. And in a penis, you can feel the softness of skin with the rigidity of erectile tissue, creating the most realistic sex accessory.

CyberSkin Care Instructions

   1. Wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water.
   2. Pat dry with soft, cotton towel and allow to air dry completely.
   3. Generously apply Renew to properly maintain your CyberSkin product. This will restore the original soft, non sticky texture.
   4. Store CyberSkin in a plastic bag with a small amount of Renew separate from other toys. Always store CyberSkin in a cool, dry place.


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